If you’re like me, you notice a strong correlation between a great score and a great movie.  It can be hard to find a composer that really cares about the art.  But you just found one.  You’ve already obsessed over so much, so let me obsess over the finishing touches.  Even if you’re not currently in the middle of a project, I’m always up for a friendly chat.

You can contact me in 3 ways:

  1. Call/Text me at 504-535-7087.  Just call and introduce yourself.  Tell me what you’re working on, or ask me whatever it is you want to ask.  I’m a friendly guy.  Do it!
  2. Email me at  Same thing, just introduce yourself, tell me what you’re working on, or ask me any questions you might have.  Seriously, do it!
  3. Use the Contact Form below.  It all goes to the same place.  I’m not kidding, do it!