Kevin Prockup is a film composer whose wide ranging tastes and comprehensive craft have allowed him to seamlessly fit into a diversity of projects.  He has extensive experience conducting and recording orchestral music, having been formally trained in the art of the “Golden Age of Hollywood Film Scoring”, as in the style of John Williams.  With one eye towards the past and one towards the future, he is well-versed in modern music technology, allowing him to produce cutting-edge soundtracks, like those of Hans Zimmer.

Kevin holds multiple certificates or degrees from Berklee College of Music and the University at Albany, as well as a Masters of Music in Film Composition.  Following graduate school on the West Coast, Kevin chose to return to New Orleans because he knew his skills as a composer would be of much better use in his adopted city.  His music can be heard anywhere from commercials, to independent films, to network television.  He has also contributed to the recordings of a number of feature films.