Hollywood composers developed their famous sound over time, developing a craft that was passed along by word of mouth.  From King Kong to Psycho to Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, each generation refined these techniques and then passed it along to the next generation of composers.  Representing the latest generation, this flame was passed down to me, and I pass this tradition into every film I work on.

SoundtracksNewOrleans.com does not waste your time or money.  We give your film the score it deserves, and you peace of mind, knowing that your film is getting the music treatment you deserve.  I accomplish this through 3 things:

  1. Time-tested tools-of-the-trade.
  2. With a complete embrace of modern music technology.
  3. Fanatic love of both film and film music (when I was 15 I thought I wanted to be the next Kubrick, but music called me to its service instead).


Music is the beating heart to any film, and it, above all other elements, can bring it to life.  For questions and inquiries, please call 504-535-7087, or email kevin@soundtracksneworleans.com